Film Reviews

"You know I love my slightly obscure music documentaries, well this is a real good one. It's really worth looking out for it."  Gilles Peterson, BBC Radio One

"This excellent and sensitive portrait shows why [Gary McFarland] still matters."  Keith Shadwick, Jazzwise Magazine

"Like Bob Dylan, another musician who alienated his original supporters when he turned to rock, McFarland never looked back."  Lance Goldenberg, All that jazz

"...a vibrant whirlwind that defines an era..."  The Seattle Post-Intelligencer

"Part whodunit, part worshipful biography, Seattle filmmaker Kristian St. Clair's provocative film focuses on the life and mysteriously premature death of up-and-coming jazz musician Gary McFarland..."  John Hartl, The Seattle Times
"...extremely good..."  Bruce Ricker, producer of Thelonious Monk: Straight, No Chaser

"...a wonderful tribute to Gary's music. Bravo!"  Margo Guryan

"...quite interesting and very creative..."  Creed Taylor

"I loved it."  Bob Stanley of Saint Etienne

"It is easily one of the best music documentaries of the year."